How I overcome my P*RN addiction

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How I get addicted

This is the story about how I get addicted.

How I overcome

Habit loop (

In this habit loop, There are 4 steps Cue, Craving, Reward, Response. The cue triggers a Craving, which motivates a Response, which provides a Reward, which satisfies the craving. Ultimately this becomes associated with the cue. These four steps form a neurological feedback loop. This loop is known as the habit loop.

We can split this habit loop into two phases: the problem phase and the solution phase. The problem phase is Cue, Craving and the solution phase is Response and Reward. Our all behavior is driven by the desire to solve a problem. We want to solve problems through our actions. Like bellow.

These four things are common for our every habit or behavior. So we need to take control to create or break habits. Below are the 4 Golden Laws for creating or break habits.

By following these laws we can easily break and create habits. For quitting p*rn I apply these laws.
First I started overseeing myself to find what is the Cue for this habit. I found two cues.

  • When I get depressed
  • When I go to bed with the phone

Then start applying 1st law — Make it invisible. For the first cue, this very hard control over my feelings. When I will get depressed. Though I set up my environment to get less depression. I started listening to music, reading books, and talking with more peoples. By doing this make it a little bit invisible. And the second cue, I set up a goal to not touch the phone after 9:30 pm.

Then start applying 2nd law — Make it unattractive. I have started reading blogs and watching videos about the bad side of watching p*rn. How p*rn destroying our mind and thinking. Here is some Ted Talk about p*rn.

Then start applying 3rd law — Make it difficult. I have started making responses very difficult. When I got depressed instead of taking my phone I started reading books, going for walks, talking with people. Also when I work on my laptop I remaining open the doors of my room, so everyone can see my screen what I am doing. And also I stop taking my when going to bed for sleep. I took my phone inside of my table drawer.

By following these 3 laws, the last law becomes reverse. Instead of making the reward unsatisfying to this started becoming satisfying to me. Because I am feeling the changes inside myself. It’s become very satisfying to me.

By following these 4 laws, I completely overcome the p*rn addiction. Today is 74 days of quitting p*rn. This is a great achievement of this year.

What Benefit I get

  1. Less Depression. Previously I was in moderate/disorder type mental health issue. But now I rarely get depressed.
  2. Enjoying whatever I do.
  3. Getting quality sleep.
  4. More energetic, more focused, and more present.
  5. Less Masturbation.
  6. Less wet-dreaming.


Wise you to best of luck on the journey.

Developer, Book lover.

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