A beginner's guide to VIM (Text editor).

VIM logo.
credit: Wikipedia.
sudo apt install vim
touch text.txt
vim text.txt
  1. Normal mode
  2. Insert mode
  3. Command mode
  4. Visual mode
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  • One character left — h.
  • One character right — l.
  • One line up — k.
  • One line down — j.
  • Start of the next word (forward) — w.
  • End of the next word (forward) — e.
  • Start of the previous word (backward) — b.
  • Start of the line — 0.
  • End of the line — $.
  • Next paragraph — }.
  • Previous paragraph — {.


  • Where the cursor stay — i.
  • After where the cursor stay — a.
  • Next blank line where the cursor stay — o.
  • The previous blank line where the cursor stay — O.


  • One character — x.
  • One word — cw.
  • Entire line — cc.
  • From cursor to the end of the line — c$.
  • From cursor to the start of the line — c0.

Undo and Redo

  • Undo changes — u.
  • Redo changes — ctrl + r.


  • To active visual mode — v.
  • To copy select text — y.
  • To copy one word — yw.
  • To copy one line — yy.


  • To cut select text — d.
  • To cut one word — dw.
  • To cut one line — dd.


  • To paste — p.


  • To match from the start of the word — /pattern .
  • To match from the end of the word — ?pattern .


  • Only one matched word — :%s/search/replace.
  • All the matched word — :%s/search/replace/g.
  • To replace anything by asking for permission — :%s/search/replace/gc.
  • Replace one character — r.


  • To save — :w .
  • To save as a new file — :saveas filename


  • To quit — :q .
  • To save and quit together — :wq.
  • To quit by avoiding changes — :q!.


  • Never forget to use this. When you want to execute a command n times, we can just prepend the number before that command like 100h.
  • When you want to perform the last command again instead of use that command again just press . (dot/period).
  • When you are in insert mode, you have made a spelling mistake to remove that word instead of using backspace use ctrl + w. or you made so many mistakes use ctrl + u . This will get things done faster.
  • To get help from VIM enter :help.
  • when you stuck just enter your terminal vimtutor .






MERN Stack Developer | Book lover | Also a Procrastinator

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Akibur Rahman (Akib)

Akibur Rahman (Akib)

MERN Stack Developer | Book lover | Also a Procrastinator

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